In the Plastic Pollution Working Group Webinar last week the topic was controlling plastic at source. It was a really thorough review of how to do this. One aspect it did cover is what is being done to recover plastics in rivers and prevent plastic from getting to estuaries and from there into the oceans where it is very hard to recover.

This article looks in detail at specific techniques being undertaken by three organisations: The Ocean Cleanup, Clearwater Mills and Indian-based AlphaMERS.

The letter organisation has focused on low-cost capture and recovery techniques and is quietly having a positive effect on some of India’s rivers. Like many highly populated countries, rivers are a source of food, commerce, as well as recreation. Polluted rivers deny the population of this resource. These low-cost techniques are returning the rivers to the people and with it changing the culture of waste management provided there are bins in which to put the waste, and resources to collect the bins and process the waste.

The article is at: here.