With just over two weeks to this conference, we are pleased how it is coming together. We have an esteemed list of speakers and a great panel in which to discuss the implications of the arrival of Alternative Fuels in Marine Propulsion.

We are also proud to have Sustainable Oil Recovery and Remediation joining SureClean Response as our Silver Sponsors of the event.

Day 1 will focus on Marine Spills; information gathering, modelling and stakeholder management and then focus on Alternative fuels with a distinguished panel of experts in their fields joining together to look at the implications of their introduction and how we may best manage the risks.

Day 2 will focus on Plastic and report on the work of our Plastic Pollution Working Group. We will be looking at where it comes from and the volumes that end up in the oceans, and look at how all of the global policy frameworks can work together to prevent large pellet loss. Recent novel research will be revealed that shows the significant health risks of these pellets. We are also looking at the role of NGOs and how they are shaping public opinion and forcing government action. We look at recovery equipment and the types of equipment our members are using. We want to seek views on what is the end point of a plastic spill – how far do you keep on cleaning and how do we conclude the Net Environmental Benefit. We also discuss waste disposal and want to draw on everyone’s experience and then discuss if Enzymes are the ideal route ahead.

This conference will be stimulating, full of new knowledge, fun and a great networking opportunity.

To register to attend go to: https://conference.ukeirespill.org

If you have any queries please contact:

Mark J Orr, Executive Director, UK and Ireland Spill Association
Mob: 07864 707408, Tel: 0333 444 1890