We are looking forward to welcoming industry professionals to the UK and Ireland Spill Association Marine Spill and Plastic Pollution Conference at the National Oceanography Centre (NOC) Southampton on 11 and 12 June.

The event is sponsored by the Associations’ members and we have received Silver Sponsorship from SureResponse and Sustainable Oil Recovery and Remediation for which we are very grateful.

The conference has two parts; Day 1 Marine Spills with an update on information gathering, data management and stakeholder management. The afternoon is dedicated to talking about how we manage the risks from the introduction of Alternative Fuels primarily Methanol, Ammonia and Hydrogen. There will be some short presentations that set the scene but the value of this session will be the reports from our panel and the discussions that will follow. As an Association we know we are all behind the curve on this and in the UK vessels are arriving weekly powered by these fuels. We hope that these discussions will grow a working group that can push through issues, collaborate on solutions and develop plans to handle these risks and be ready to respond effectively to them should the need arise.

Day 2 is dedicated to plastic spills and reporting on the work that has collaboratively been achieved by the Plastic Pollution Working Group. You will have seen that the world is waking up to the many problems plastic has and continues to cause to our oceans, wildlife and our own human species. Nowhere and no one is immune from its impact. At last, we have hopes for a Global Plastics Treaty, an EU treaty and pellet carriage at seas being more closely controlled. We will hear on the reach of plastic pollution but also on how these different policy frameworks can work to reduce plastic loss. We will also hear for the first time recent research that shows just how toxic pellets recovered from UK shorelines are. We are looking at the role of shoreline surveys in the recovery of microplastics. We will also be discussing and hopefully gaining agreement on what could be a suitable endpoint in plastic recovery with input from NOC’s own plastics team.  We have been looking at options for waste disposal and will be hearing an update on research where enzymes are used. We will also be hearing from FIDRA on the role of NGOs and citizen science in response to plastic pollution incidents. SORR will also present some new approaches to the collection of micro and nano plastics.

The conference should be a fascinating two days discussing contemporary topics with academics, manufacturers, scientists, regulators and response professionals who are keen to evolve solutions so all who attend are part of this.

If you are involved in marine spill response, have a particular knowledge of or interest in alternative fuels then do join us. If you respond to or are involved in developing solutions that can reduce plastic pollution then come and join the debate.

Our event microsite is up to date so you can view the programme, read about some, not all, of the speakers and register to attend as a visitor. There are also exhibitors and there is space for more.

Do come and join us in Southampton on 11 and 12 June.

More details at: https://conference.ukeirespill.org

Or contact: Mark J Orr, Executive Director, UK and Ireland Spill Association

Mob: 07864 707408, Tel: 0333 444 1890; info@ukeirespill.org