In advance of the International Oil Spill Conference in New Orleans from 13 – 16 May 2024 and our Marine Spill and Plastic Pollution Conference 11 and 12 June 2024 in Southampton, UK and Ireland Spill Association is delighted to release our 26th edition of our house magazine Spill Alert. It covers many topics of the moment that will be picked up in these two conferences.

Content includes the following:

  • Trinidad and Tobago spill
  • The carbon footprint of spill response and remediation
  • EVs vs hydrocarbon vehicles – some myths explained
  • Why car carriers have problems with transporting EVs
  • Why collaboration is the future of spill response
  • Critical evaluation of LCRM
  • Living with Parkinsons

Case studies on:

  • Effective use of using aeration in a complex spill even
  • Oil Boom systems for hazardous areas

In addition:

  • Industry news – Interspill 2025 and much more
  • Member News

Join over 3500 who have read the last edition!

You can read it here!

If you have content relevant for our next issues please send to info@ukeirespill.org (this does not guarantee inclusion!)