Sustainability in Spill Response

We’re delighted to share, that in conjunction with Collaborative media three members of the UK and Ireland Spill Association made a Sky TV programme called Sustainability in Spill Response that was aired on: Sunday 23rd April @ 10.00 (am) on SKY digital channel 181 and will broadcast again on Sunday 07th May @ 10.00 (am) on SKY digital channel 181.

The contributing companies are:

ATG Group
MEL Environmental Solutions Limited

The programme demonstrates the innovation and arrangements the companies are making to deliver sustainable solutions in spill response and lasts for just over 25 minutes.

The programme will then be available to see through www.executivetv.org after the first broadcast. This TV programme supports the initiative that the Association is making to show how sustainability should be part of any organisation’s DNA to reduce our impact on the environment in all we do.