The UK and Ireland Spill Association is pleased to welcome its first intern, Janek Codlin, as part of its initiative to foster new talent in the spill and incident response industry. This initiative is a key objective of the Association’s Employment Opportunities Working Group, which aims to attract new entrants into the field.

In partnership with the University of Southampton’s Employer Engagement Team, the Association has launched a short internship designed to provide hands-on experience and industry insights to students. Janek Codlin, who is in the final weeks of completing his BSc in Environmental Geoscience, will be the first intern. Following his BSc, Janek plans to pursue an MSc in Environmental Geology and Land Contamination at the University of Portsmouth.

During his internship, Janek will work closely with the Association and its members, gaining valuable industry knowledge and experience. He will be under the mentorship of Executive Director Mark Orr, assisting in the coordination of the Marine Spill and Plastic Pollution Conference scheduled for June 11th and 12th.

Janek’s responsibilities will also include helping to present the Association and the members of the International Spill Accreditation Scheme (ISAS) to various accreditation bodies such as BSI, DNV, and Bureau Veritas. This will involve showcasing the high standards and professional competencies required to operate safely and effectively in the industry.

Additionally, Janek will contribute to the creation of webinars aimed at educating the Insurance and Loss Adjuster community. These webinars will cover industry operations, relevant legislation, best practice, and the stringent standards to which ISAS Accredited Contractors adhere.

The UK and Ireland Spill Association looks forward to Janek’s contributions and is excited about the potential for future internships to bring fresh perspectives and skills into the spill response sector.

For more details please contact:

Mark J Orr, Executive Director, UK and Ireland Spill Association

Mob: 07864 707408

Tel: 0333 444 1890