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PPWG 1: Sources Pathways and Impacts Overview

Oracle Environmental Experts provide expert environmental services to a wide range of clients with our core strength in the assessment and mitigation of environmental impacts, risks and liabilities associated with pollution incidents and contaminated land.

Our services cover all aspects of land contamination, including pollution incidents involving impacts to soils, water and air, oil spill forensics, pollution incident response, assessment of risks to human health and the water environment, and the investigation and remediation of contaminated soils and waters.

We are a highly respected independent company founded on technical expertise, on a passion for the environment, and on the commitment of our staff.

Since the creation of the PPWG in 2020, Oracle Environmental Experts have been working closely with industry experts and researchers in microplastics to quickly develop response tools to deal with plastic pollution incidents and to aid prevention of the pollution of the environment by plastics.

We’ve invested in equipment to deal with releases of macro and microplastics in the environment and using our vacuum recovery and particle separation equipment, we can provide rapid mobilisation, quick and effective recovery and sorting of plastics released to the environment.


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