This month UK and Ireland Spill Association member Adler and Allan was commissioned by HOYER Gas & Petroleum Logistics Ltd to support an emergency response exercise.

The exercise was carried out in conjunction with the Cheshire Fire & Rescue College, North West Ambulance Services, Highways England, Cheshire Constabulary, D&G Assist, and Adler & Allan.

The scenario is designed to exercise the HOYER Emergency Response procedures and the mobilisation of the HOYER Major Incident Control Centre (MICC). It is also designed to test the competency levels of the HOYER Incident Management team (Incident Controllers) and the procedures/cooperation between HOYER, Adler and Allan, D&G Assist, and other external parties that may be involved in dealing with a major incident resulting in injuries, a rollover, oil spill incident, vehicle uplift, recovery, and clean-up operation.

As part of the services required at the scene, HOYER mobilised Adler and Allan as its approved supplier for Oil Spill Management (OMT).

Adler and Allan demonstrated addressing the issues involving the containment and removal of the fuel/oil (water) and remaining product transfer to a relief tanker as well as dealing with environmentally sensitive areas including water courses, storm drains, and hazardous risks including overhead lane markings, lighting lamp post, traffic and road users near the incident.

Once the tanker used in the exercise had been uplifted and recovered Adler and Allan carried out a thorough clean-up of the area including demonstrating the use of a gully sucker to empty the drains of product and fire foam.

Find out more about Adler and Allan’s emergency response capability on our website here: https://www.adlerandallan.co.uk/services/environmental-emergency-response/spill/