Emerging and Future Risks Working Group

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1. Vision

To enable, emergency services, industry, organisations and subject matter experts to discuss emerging risks to the environment.

The group will enable intelligence to be shared and discussed on current and emerging risks in but not restricted to energy generation, alternative fuels, firefighting techniques , pollution control and mitigation and changes in legislation .

The group will also share information received from subject matter experts or on information obtained from other sources

The group will report directly to the NFCC, Environment Agency and other national environmental regulators.

The group will also if opportunities arise connect internationally with subject matter experts, emergency services, industry, and other international environmental regulators.


2. Key Objective

The group will provide a platform to share information, plan and prepare for emerging risks.

The findings of the group will create informed understanding of risks, providing technical and operational measures to minimise risks that can then be made available to all interested parties.

The group will provide collaboration and communications to ensure a once only approach to mitigating future risks.


3. Group Composition

The UKEireSpill-RiskWG will be chaired by UKEireSpill who will also provide the secretariat and a specialist member, a representative of the National Fire Chiefs Council, a senior representative of the Environment Agency Incident Management and Response Team.

It is hoped to expand membership to include all devolved nation environmental agencies ie: NRW, SEPA, DAERA

UK Health Security Agency and other technical specialist may be invited to join the Group where content may be relevant.


4. Meetings

The UKEireSpill-RiskWG will meet a minimum of quarterly and may meet face to face or virtually. A greater frequency of meetings may be agreed to assess new products and agree action plans as the Chair decides. The Group will be on call should an emerging risk occur


5. Key Responsibilities

  • To provide a forum where the risk to the environment and health of emerging and future products may be assessed so that response plans may be agreed, Implemented and their effectiveness be reviewed.
  • To assess future risks and see what controls may be placed on manufacturers or distributors to make the products less harmful before introduction. This may involve liaison with Government Departments
  • To review existing response plans to ensure that they are up to date
  • To inform other members of any evolving situations/technology that are not currently within the public domain.


6. Members

Scottish Environmental Protection Agency: Andy Macdonald
National Resource Wales: Jo Evans
Northern Ireland Environment Agency: Kevin McGrady
Maritime and Coastguard Agency: Jayne Ede
Dept of Transport: Elizabeth Shovelton
Office for Zero Emission Vehicles: Sean Gilmore, Abdul Chowdury
Fiore and Rescue Service: Dave Waltto
Ricardo – Bethan Davies
UK and Ireland Spill Association: Mark Orr, Graeme Warnell (GW Consulting)



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> Toxicity of fire water in Li-ion battery fires
> Fire safety in parking garages with electric vehicles
> Guidance on Li-Ion Battery Fires
> MGN 653 (M) Amendment 1 electric vehicles onboard passenger roll-on/rolloff (ro-ro) ferries
> Global Electric Vehicle Battery Fires since 11th July 2022
> Battery safety for e-cycle users
> Battery safety for e-scooter users
> Rise Report: Investigation of extinguishing water and combustion gases from vehicle fires
> Grid Scale Battery Energy Storage System planning – Guidance for FRS


8. Links

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