UK and Ireland Spill Association: Members Code of Conduct

When providing spill response services, all Corporate Members and ISAS Accredited Contractors will:

  1. Provide the client with a Contract for the scope of spill works undertaken – the contract may comprise an outline quotation with a schedule of rates for further charges.
  2. Ensure all work is risk assessed and is conducted in accordance with current health, safety and environmental legislation and staff wear appropriate respiratory and personal protective equipment.
  3. Ensure all reasonable methods to mitigate environmental damage are undertaken.
  4. Make every effort to minimise waste generated and disposal complies with the duty of care under current waste regulations and is recorded on the company waste register.
  5. Provide the client with regular progress reports.
  6. Report all spills as per the Spill Reporting Schedule (monthly and annually).
  7. Ensure all employees attending spill carry identity cards bearing the company name and logo of the International Spill Accreditation Scheme.
  8. Promptly invoice clients with a clear breakdown of work done and charges made.
  9. Reply to customer, regulator, authority or agencies in an efficient and timely manner.
  10. Conduct only works for which they are accredited, qualified and experienced.
  11. Liaise courteously with all stakeholders and co-operate with any investigation conducted by Regulators of the International Spill Accreditation Scheme.
  12. Conduct themselves in a suitably professional manner.

As of May 2021.


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