Oil Spill Response hosts monthly webinars on many topics related to the oil spill response.

One that caught my eye is this one on How To Constitute an HNS Capability.

HNS = Hazardous and Noxious Substances. As we migrate toward net zero, many fuels that we use are becoming a mix of chemicals and hydrocarbons and when spilled they often separate into their component parts. Therefore on occasions, you may be dealing with more of a chemical than you are a hydrocarbon. So for trainers, response managers, and responders, this is a great way of dipping your toe into developing for your business an HNS response capability.

While in many ways similar to an oil spill response, a response to an HNS incident requires an additional level of attention to the physical and chemical properties of the substance released as well as to the multiple hazards to human health presented, non-hydrocarbon incidents can be quite diverse in behaviour and response and so must be considered as a function of the specific cargo.

Join Michael Roldan, Regional Director, Americas as he explores one approach to a globally deployable response capability to non-hydrocarbon incidents in our members-only webinar.

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