UKEireSpill is dedicated to the provision of best practice guidance for the management and clean up of spills of all sorts of products from oil, chemicals, hazardous and noxious substances on land and at sea.

Our accreditation scheme ensures that our accredited members are competent within their specialisation to competently and safely clean up these spills.

With second-generation biofuels, new chemical products and increasing environmental legislation designed to reduce environmental harm and protect water quality UKEireSpill engage with government, regulators and other trade association to ensure best practice guidance is available to assist industry in how to manage the risk new produce present to the user, to those clearing any spillage and to the environment.

This section of the website is open to all to access our guidance and those of established and respected organisations to whom it links:

UK and Ireland Spill Best Practice Guide

We have been working on the production of a Best Practice Guide for all involved in spill prevention, management of fuel or hazardous substance estate and spill clean up. This document is currently being prepared and will be complete in draft form by April 2021 for circulation for comment. The aim is to launch this at an event in late September 2021

Guidelines for Pollution Prevention (GPP)

For many years the Environment Agency produced guidance on many topics with the aim of preventing pollution by setting out clear guidelines that were compiled by them in conjunction with industry. However, the EA decided to remove these as it felt that the industry should produce this guidance.

The original guidance was issued as pollution prevention guidelines (PPG). These are now being updated and as they are updated these will become Guidelines for Pollution Prevention (GPP).

UKEireSpill is currently working with British Safety Industry Federation on:

  • PPG 2 Above ground oil storage tanks – comment from spill aspects
  • PPG 3 Use and design of oil separator in surface water drainage systems – comment from spill aspects
  • PPG 7 Safe storage – The safe operation of refuelling facilities – comment from spill aspect
  • GPP 4 Treatment and disposal of wastewater where there is no connection to the foul sewer – comment from spill aspects
  • PPG 18 Managing fire water and major spillages and links to CIRIA 736 – comment as specialist
  • GPP 21 Pollution incident response planning – comment as specialist
  • GPP22 Dealing with Spills – comment as specialist

The full list of PPGs/GPPs can be found at Netregs

Please note the date of publication, some of the PPGs date back to 2011 and are therefore out of date so need to be read with caution!

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