For the last 18 months, the Plastic Pollution Working Group has been working diligently to provide solid and reliable information to assist those who may be planning for or handling the consequence of a plastic pollution event.

The members of our group are all UK-based responders, international organisations, and laboratories who have considerable experience in managing these incidents.

Our work has shown that whilst solid information exists it is not all in one place. So we are writing a field user guide to dealing with a plastic pollution incident that will be available to access at no cost through our website. To support each of our topics there will be a written report and a webinar.

The first webinar of this series, Plastic, Sources, Pathways and Impacts will be delivered by Oracle Environmental Experts on Tuesday 29 November at 1500hrs.


There will be a presentation in this series at the end of every month through to June 2023 so please register for updates to the series.