Marine and Manufacturers Working Group of the UK and Ireland Spill Association Ltd (UKIreSpill-ManuWG)

Terms of Reference

1. Key Objective

Through collaborative working to ensure that the marine and manufacturing members of the UK and Ireland Spill Association achieve a return on investment (ROI) for their membership.

To collaborate together to create events, networking, and promotion opportunities for all members of UKIreSpill-ManuWG.


2. Group Composition

The UKIreSpill-ManuWG will comprise all members involved in marine spill response and manufacturing products that serve our inland and marine members drawn from the following groups:

Corporate members


3. Meetings

The UKIreSpill-ManuWG will meet a minimum of quarterly and may meet face to face or virtually. A greater frequency of meetings may be agreed to assist in organising events, exhibition opportunities etc


4. Key Responsibilities

To oversee and assist in the delivery of UKIreSpill-ManuWG marketing and social media opportunities

  • To oversee and assist in the delivery of manufacturing initiatives, innovation,
  • To ensure and assist with regular contact between the Association and Government, Regulators and other Trade Associations.
  • To help co-ordinate representation of members at overseas events either independently or though Department of International Trade (DIT)
  • To ensure members get good representation at Interspill and other trienniual events eg IOSC and SpillCon.
  • To explore involvement in the recovery of plastic pollution and product innovation around that.
  • To investigate a possible kite mark scheme of UKEireSpill products subject to the products meeting minimum standards of independent inspection, safety and suitability for role.