About membership of the Trade Association

Membership of UKEireSpill is primarily open to all commercial organisations active in the UK and Ireland Oil Spill and Incident Response industry, defined as those companies registered in the UK and Ireland. This includes Response Organisations, Manufacturers and Consultants. Membership is also open to all who have an interest in the UK and Ireland Spill industry, whether individual, non-commercial, governmental, or academic organisations.

Membership of UKEireSpill is by application, and subject to approval by the Board. Fees for joining members will be payable pro-rata according to the month of joining, if not at the start of the membership year.

Our principle objectives for the UK & Ireland Spill Association

By organizing and participating in regional, national and international events, exhibitions and conferences for the spill industry, oil industry, government and the public, independently and in partnership. Also by maintaining a comprehensive online directory of Members’ products and services and links to their websites, through strategic relationships with related organisations and through the regular publication of the UKSpill magazine “Spill Alert” and information published on our web-site.

By speaking authoritatively, and coordinating responses to relevant government and non-government consultations that may have a significant influence on our Members’ activities.

By providing educational and networking opportunities through regular meetings, events and seminars, held across the UK and internationally, through regular Member Updates and through our web-site.

By managing the UK Spill Contractors Accreditation Scheme, and also through UKSpill supported training and events, participation in relevant national and international research, and development projects.

Trade Association Membership Tariff 2020-21

Full Corporate Membership

Annual fees for corporate members are payable on the basis of annual spill related turnover.

  • Over £5 million p.a.£3,600.00
  • £1 - 5 million p.a.£2,300.00
  • £0.25 - 1 million p.a.£1,600.00
  • £100,000 to £0.25 million p.a. £950.00
  • Up to £100,000 p.a. £500.00

Associate Membership

Associate Membership, inc Non-Corporate Members ** (for overseas and affiliated bodies only)

Individual Membership

Individual Membership*


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This offers a direct link to a members own website from every page on the UKIrespill.org, annual fee payable.


* No voting rights.
** No voting rights or password access to the website, see Membership Rules for restrictions

About Membership of the Accreditation Scheme

Members of the UKEireSpill Association may also apply to become an Accredited Spill and Incident Response Contractor. The International Spill Accreditation Scheme is voluntary and exists to maintain and develop consistent standards of oil, chemical, hazardous substance spill clean up on land and at sea.