Plastic Pollution Working Group Goal 5: Environmental and health risks associated with microplastics webinar now available!

YouTube video


Microplastics are with us in everyday life. We ingest them daily and eat them in our food and in the bottled water we drink.

In the marine environment, microplastics leach the chemicals from which they were produced into the marine ecosystem and disrupt its growth and development.

The webinar explains this in detail using up-to-date research and highlights the growing risks we face if we continue to allow so much plastic to enter the marine environment.

The webinar also discusses how it breaks down to become micro and then nanoplastics. It shows how it enters our food chains and also shows just how many nanoplastic particles we are ingesting each year.

It highlights the health risks in the marine environment. The webinar also discusses how we decide on an endpoint for cleaning up a marine plastic spill.

This is the second in our webinar series with the next webinar being on 15 Feb 2023. This will be on our Goal 10: Identifying effective tools and equipment for controlling plastics at source and will be delivered by Oracle Environmental. Please register for this webinar here.

We hope that the information we are providing in these webinars is useful and feedback is welcome to: info@ukeirespill.org

You can watch a BBC short video story, which is related and could be of interest, called ‘The man who first discovered plastic in the ocean’. It is available at https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/av/stories-64250382 (note this may only be available to UK viewers but may be at BBC World).

More details at: https://ukeirespill.org/plastic-pollution-working-group/ where you can view all the work the Plastic Pollution Working Group is doing.