We have seen many interesting spills recently where local fishermen have provided vessels to assist in spill clean up.

These are fine for simple tasks but working in spills is demanding and highly skilled work.

The loads on booms can be huge, the risk of damaging booms great and of course, the loss of containment that can occur through poor vessel handling means a lot of additional work for the responders too!

There are many specialist vessels used in spill response from small vessels that are often designed to do act as skimmers, garbage collectors, assist in boom deployment etc.

Many are safe to work and clean up spills in rivers, ports and harbours.

Then there are specialist vessels that are ideal for working in shallow water and other vessels capable of working in open waters and staying at sea for several days at a time.

This webinar gives an overview of these and draws on the knowledge and experience of three industry professionals:
Small vessels –Kevin Bond, Elastec
Specialist small vessels  – Brad Rutledge, Balaenah20
Largest specialist vessel – Christian Ingvorsen of DESMI Ro-Clean

It is well presented and explains the variety of vessels used and sets out the advantages and disadvantages of each.

We are grateful to our speakers for sharing their knowledge so well.

The recording is available at: https://youtu.be/bnlYaVo5vOo