The dismantling of what remains of the stern started in earlier this month after months of standby due to bad weather conditions. It was stopped again a few days ago because of unfavourable weather. Some 2,500 tons of metal parts, including the main engine, were removed by the team of Chinese companies Lianyungang Dali Underwater Engineering and Hong Kong Lidada Ocean Engineering. A small amount of fuel oil leaked into the lagoon on November 3rd, angering locals, but it was quickly cleaned up by the Greek company Polyeco, which recovered 530 liters at Pointe-d’Esny and Rivière-des-Créoles. Part of the keel remains to be removed, but all depend on weather conditions.

On the insurance side Okiyo Maritime Corp, the Japanese company which owns the MV Wakashio, filed a motion before the Supreme Court of Mauritius last week to limit the claims arising from the accident at Pointe d’Esny to 719.6 million rupees, the equivalent of $16.6 million.

Its becoming a slow and complicated operational and legal process with the court action proceeding.

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