Operation Clean Sweep® is an industry-led programme to ensure that plastic pellets, flakes and powders are contained within facilities and therefore do not escape to the environment. Plastic pellets from industry are one of the sources of microplastics which, if they reach the marine environment, can cause harm to wildlife.

Marine plastics has become a key concern for the public as well as the government and NGOs. Many sources of marine plastics are outside of the control of businesses such as the littering of plastic bottles. However, plastics pellets are an area in which the industry, with its supply chain, can have a direct impact on improving. It is, therefore, essential that we act to ensure this is removed as a source of marine plastic pollution.

To sign up to Operation Clean Sweep® please complete the short form at www.operationcleansweep.co.uk

We would encourage all businesses to join and also to support the reduction of plastic within their own supply chain where possible.

UK and Ireland Spill Association is proud to be a member of Operation Clean Sweep – join us on our journey!