The OECD has launched a global stocktake of plastic production and pollution, warning that the growth of the plastics market has outpaced economic growth by almost 40%.

The OECD has this morning published a major new report on the production, use and disposal of plastics globally. The report, entitled “The Global Plastics Outlook”, uses global, country and sector-level data to show how plastic production, use and waste has grown in recent decades.

The headline finding from the report is that population growth, coupled with higher disposable income, has led to plastics production doubling in volume between 2000 and 2019 to 460 million tonnes (Mt). In this same period, the growth of plastics volumes outpaced economic growth by almost 40%, according to the report.

What is also shocking is that just 9% of what is produced is recycled – so very far from the circular economy we need to have.

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