This might partly be true but plastics are in the news every week (usually negatively) and recent incidents have highlighted the significant effect the unplanned release of them into the environment can have.

One of our member companies had an article on their website’ Plastics – not so fantastic! ‘

This is a polite way of saying that whilst they have benefited society the uncontrolled production of them is fuelling environmental issues that no one forecast.

For this reason, UK and Ireland Spill Association formed a Plastic Pollution Working Group in April last year – initially for the UK. This is a nationwide response plan to improve the support the Environment Agency can provide when plastic and marine debris arrive on beaches that in the UK fall under local authority responsibility. Our work in NW England involved trials and demonstrations to evolve appropriate solutions to suit all types of beaches.

Late last year we all saw the impact the loss of MV X-Press Pearl and its cargo has had on the coastline of Sri Lanka with the significant effect the loss of containers containing plastic nurdles has had on their environment which will take years to recover. Our members are actively involved in this cleanup. Other members have been involved in multiple clean up operations in recent years in South Africa, Holland, the UK, and elsewhere.

Therefore, we are delighted to bring you a series of webinars, which are built upon their experience and many of them will present as we run through these events.

This first webinar introduces the topics and sets the scene:

  • How do we define marine debris and plastic pollution
  • What are the causes – river output, fishing losses, personal behaviours
  • Estimated size of the problem and annual growth – statisticsWhat are the solutions:
  • Government action – extended producer responsibility, funding for focussed clean-up effort,
  • NGO action
  • Collection and recovery minimising environmental harm
  • Waste recycling
  • Circular economy and waste recovery

    What should be done:

  • Governmental action
  • Industry action

If we can we will include a case study.

Do sign up and we will let you know when we are running more in our series.
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