If you surf social media looking for an uplifting tale of triumph over adversity you will be disappointed – there is a lot of doom going on there related to El Nino, El Nina, global warming, and sea temperatures all conspiring together to bring devastation to many.

I am no scientist but whilst it all seems plausible it does seem to be at the extreme ends of realistic expectations.

However, there are positive happening at the moment. Rather surprisingly this month in Paris, the world’s governments have agreed to draft a new treaty to control plastics and cut production of them by 80%, yes a massive 80% by 2040.

Now this is significant. The world produces 430 million tonnes of plastic each year and this is forecast to double by 2050.

Now international treaties are one thing and compliance another but even if this treaty achieves a 50% reduction it is a big step forward! Let’s hope UNEP gets it over the line!

More details: here.