I am in Den Haag at the Sailing World Championships and for those familiar with the NE coast of Holland there is a long sandy beach that stretches from Rotterdam to Den Helder at the northern tip of Holland. It is a fantastic amenity and every coastal town has a promenade, activities on the beach, catering, fun fairs, small piers, and entertainment to attract visitors to it. With visitors comes waste. Being at the mercy of the South Westerly prevailing wind this coastline is often the recipient of unwelcome plastic, oil, and debris spills elsewhere that happen to drift from shipping waiting to go into or leaving Rotterdam port which is just 25 nm away.

I was therefore delighted to see this innovative and entertaining way to engage with visitors of all ages to the beach run by an engaging NGO. Do look at their website as there are lots of ideas on how to engage with people of all ages and to stimulate action!

More details: here.