The operation to raise both sections of the OS 35 shipwreck out of the water off Gibraltar was successfully completed this week, with the two sections of the hull now securely on top of the semi-submersible vessel Fjord, according to Gibraltar’s Captain of the Port.

Surveys of the seabed will be conducted to clear the wreck site of the OS 35, concluding the 10-month operation.

As expected, residues, including heavy oil residues, were released into the protective boom around the wreck, and work is ongoing to clear them. The public is asked to stay away from the area and respect the additional preventive booms placed at beaches on the east side of Gibraltar.

The Fjord will remain in Gibraltar waters for a few weeks to secure the hull sections and prepare for decommissioning in the Netherlands. Once preliminary works are completed, the Fjord will move to an anchorage.

The fact that the hull sections are now completely out of the water effectively means there is no further danger of additional releases of residues from the wreck, once what has already been released is cleared, the Gibraltar Port Authority said in a statement.

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