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The gavel has come down at the UN’s Environment Assembly meeting on a historic new agreement to stem the flow of plastic pollution into nature.

The meeting, known as UNEA 5.2, is coming to a close today (2 March) in Nairobi after more than a week of negotiations between UN member states on topics including nature-based climate solutions, sustainable food systems, green jobs, poverty eradication and preventing pollution.

This latter topic has caught many of the headlines around the meeting, as attendees have been tasked with agreeing on the broad terms of a new global treaty to slow – and ultimately end – plastic pollution globally. The treaty covers both terrestrial and marine habitats and applies to plastic pollution of all sizes and all sources, from microplastics from textiles and tyres, to nurdles, to abandoned fishing gear.

The detail of the agreement will be published over the next few days. This is GOOD NEWS for the environment…at last!

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