It’s great to see Corporate Members doing well. Here Surfcleaner tells us of their expansion in dealer network after signing two new deals with partners in Italy and Norway.

The Swedish firm has appointed technical trader Christian Berner in Norway and Italian outfit WTE, specializing in aeration systems for wastewater treatment plants. Its technology can be used in many areas including oil-spill clean-up and recovery projects across harbours, ports and coastlines.

It forms part of a major global expansion, as SurfCleaner aims to rapidly build its international distribution network already spanning across Europe, Asia, the Middle East and the Americas.

SurfCleaner’s world-first skimmer separator technology is capable of separating and recovering contaminants from water surfaces – including oil, diesel, petrol, plastics, sludge and other pollutants. It has proven 100% oil separation capability.

Vice President of International Sales, Stefan Wall Qvist, who joined SurfCleaner earlier in 2021, is leading the global expansion initiative. A former water industry senior executive, Stefan is using his vast experience to open new overseas channels.

“Our new partnerships with Christian Berner and WTE form part of a strategic expansion to drive greater profile and awareness of SurfCleaner’s technology and breakthrough into new markets,” he said. “There is huge potential, due to the versatility of SurfCleaner’s technology, which can be used in many areas including industrial wastewater processes, refineries, pulp, paper and textile manufacturing, tunnelling, mining and broader infrastructure projects, as well as oil-spill clean-up and recovery projects across harbours, ports and coastlines. While we already benefit from a strong distributor network, we are actively targeting a series of new partners in several key regions including Germany, Netherlands, Finland, France, Spain, Switzerland, Egypt, UAE, Jordan and India. While Europe is a key growth market, there is major opportunity to drive sales across the Americas and the Middle East.”

Invented by the late Stig Lundbäck MD PhD, clinical physiologist, SurfCleaner’s technology mimics the pumping principles of the human heart. To date, the firm has installed circa 40 units across the oil-water separation segment, serving a variety of customers including the Swedish Coast Guard, Preem Refinery, Esso Refinery, Sonatrach Refinery, Exxon Mobil and Ports of Stockholm.

Listed on Nasdaq Stockholm, Christian Berner has 120 years of experience in technical trading operations. It delivers environmental-based products and system solutions to industries and municipalities across the Nordic region.

“Christian Berner is very pleased to represent the SurfCleaner team in Norway,” said Herman Thon, Managing Director of Christian Berner As. “The innovative skimmer separator technology fits well with our existing product and customer portfolio. We are especially pleased with the technology’s potential to reduce climate footprint over a broad line of applications in both private and public sector. This is in line with our clear strategy of becoming an
important partner in solving the sustainability challenges we are facing. With the skimmer and the professional team of SurfCleaner we are going to market with an important new capability.”

WTE delivers complete customized aeration solutions to wastewater treatment clients, from design through to installation. The firm has supplied some of the largest plants in Italy and overseas including sites in Milan, Naples, Paris, Lyon, Bursa and Sofia.

Andrea Fumagalli, General Manager and founder of WTE Srl, said: “The integration of SurfCleaner skimmers into the WTE product line will help both companies to expand customer bases, while increasing the solutions we offer to clients. I am excited to start this collaboration with the SurfCleaner team and to introduce new, innovative products to the national market, which will bring significant advantages reducing pollution to water bodies.”

SurfCleaner’s global distribution network also includes partners in the UK, Unites States, Canada, Mexico, Nigeria, Libya and Turkey.