Due to a forthcoming retirement, a vacancy will exist within a few months for an Assessor to manage the accreditation of Inland Spill Response companies and the accreditation of spill response courses provided by training companies.

ISAS has a well-developed and functional accreditation scheme for the assessment of companies involved in Inland Spill Response.

The scheme details are at: https://isasaccreditation.org/accreditation-scheme/

Assessment of accreditation to categories in the ISAS inland scheme

Accreditation is available in up to 8 categories which in 2024 will grow further with new modules on Plastic Pollution and incidents involving Li-Ion batteries.

The scheme is dynamic with updates based on changing legislation, accredited company experience and assessor feedback.

Accreditation lasts 3 years and is successful on completion of the following steps:

Step 1. Information collection about the company (The Pre-Visit information collection document and supplying some requested evidence).
Step 2. An online Teams meeting/s to cover question sets for the categories that companies request. Each question set has been derived from industry members and not ISAS. The Teams meeting will allow the assessor to discuss the requirements and make comments about the submissions.
Stage 3 The process concludes with a visit to the company to see evidence discussed in the Teams meetings and to meet the representatives responsible for spill activity face to face.

Most members find the process valuable and thought provoking. It is a two-way process with support and advice delivered by the assessor.

For the assessors it is a rewarding process as companies grow in confidence and professionalism during the accreditation process. The assessor builds on his/her knowledge and develops a close bond with the company knowing that what the assessor is doing will make a difference.

Assessment for accreditation of spill response training courses

Providers of training courses should seek to have their training courses accredited by ISAS to ensure that the content is correct, and the delivery is appropriate to the level of course.

Training course accreditation is very similar to the Inland scheme accreditation, as it follows three steps:

Step 1. Information collection about the course, its aims, target audience and people who will deliver the course.
Step 2. An online Teams meeting to discuss the assessor’s thoughts and to provide advice on content, delivery style and course content.
Step 3. The face to face part of the audit is conducted at an on-site delivery of the course to review course delivery.

Accreditation lasts 3 years.

Person specification

ISAS is seeking an experienced professional with experience of attending and managing spill response incidents.

The person may have worked for a spill response organisation, environment agency, emergency service with an understanding of response, mitigation techniques and have the ability to liaise with external stakeholders.

The person must have experience in the investigation of training requirement, course construction and be confident in the delivery of courses at all levels.

They should be computer literate, used to all Microsoft Office products including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Teams and Outlook.

Be a confident communicator capable of working individually and managing the accreditation process from enquiry to audit completion.

They will be part of the ISAS management team and in time an ISAS Board Member helping to maintain the high standard of spill and training accreditation.

The Assessor must be independent and can have no existing relationship with an oil spill response organisation.


ISAS assessors are sub-contractors and are paid a rate of £250 per day and claim for all travel and subsistence expenses.

Further Information

Please contact Mark Orr at info@isasaccreditation.org or call him on 07864 707408

Thank you for your interest.